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Central America is known for its diverse landscapes; Guatemala is no exception. From the sprawling metropolis of Guatemala City to the serene highlands and dense rainforests, each airport in this country plays a vital role in connecting you to astonishing experiences. 

List of airports in Guatemala

International airports in Guatemala

La Aurora International Airport / Guatemala Airport

In the heart of Guatemala City, La Aurora International Airport is Guatemala’s primary and largest airport, serving as the main gateway for travelers entering and departing the nation.

Having undergone several renovations and expansions over the years, the airport now boasts a range of amenities designed to cater to the diverse needs of its international and domestic passengers. From a vast array of duty-free shops, eateries, and lounges to essential services like car rentals, banking facilities, and efficient customs processes, La Aurora ensures a seamless travel experience. Additionally, its multi-lingual staff is trained to assist travelers, reflecting Guatemala’s commitment to welcoming visitors with warmth and efficiency.

La Aurora International Airport is a nexus of air travel connections, with many airlines operating flights between Guatemala and major cities in the US. Airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, and United offer regular services, connecting travelers to cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, New York, and Dallas. The extensive network facilitates easy travel for tourists and strengthens business ties between Guatemala and the US.

The airport’s strategic location in Central America and its wide array of US connections make it a popular transit hub for those journeying across the continent. Moreover, its proximity to Guatemala City’s central districts allows travelers to easily explore its landmarks, from historic churches and museums to contemporary attractions.

The Guatemala International Airport code is AUR (IATA), and its counterpart ICAO code is MGGT.

Mundo Maya International Airport

Tucked away in the lush Petén region of Guatemala, the Mundo Maya International Airport is the vital gateway to the mesmerizing world of ancient Mayan civilizations. Strategically located in Flores, this airport offers the most direct access to the renowned Tikal National Park, home to the iconic ruins of Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most significant archaeological complexes of the Mayan civilization.

While Mundo Maya International Airport may not match the vast scale of airports in major metropolitan areas, its importance in facilitating cultural and eco-tourism in Guatemala cannot be overstated. The airport has been thoughtfully designed to handle the influx of international travelers, predominantly tourists eager to explore the mysteries of the ancient Mayan world. Its facilities, although compact, ensure that visitors have a smooth transit, with amenities like souvenir shops showcasing local handicrafts, eateries offering traditional Guatemalan cuisine, and essential traveler services.

Regarding connectivity, Mundo Maya International Airport has established itself as a focal point for flights from various cities within Guatemala and neighboring countries. Several domestic airlines operate regular flights between Guatemala City and Flores, including TAG Airlines and Avianca Guatemala. Moreover, the airport is also serviced by seasonal flights from select international destinations, especially during peak tourist seasons when the allure of Tikal and the surrounding rainforests attracts globetrotters from far and wide.

Beyond its functionality, Mundo Maya International Airport plays an instrumental role in preserving and promoting Guatemala’s rich heritage. Every traveler passing through its gates is provided with a glimpse into the ancient world of the Mayas, setting the tone for their journey into the heart of Guatemala’s historical treasures.

The Mundo Maya International Airport code is FRS (IATA), and its counterpart ICAO code is MGMM.

Domestic Airports in Guatemala

Quetzaltenango Airport

Quetzaltenango Airport (IATA: AAZ ICAO: MGQZ): Also known as La Aurora de Quetzaltenango, it is located in Quetzaltenango, also known as Xela or Xelajú.

Puerto Barrios Airport (IATA: PBR, ICAO: MGPB)

Retalhuleu Airport (IATA: RER, ICAO: MGRT)

Bananera Airport (ICAO: MGBN)

La Libertad Airport (ICAO: MGLL)

Playa Grande Airport (IATA: PKJ, ICAO: MGPG)

Malacatán Airport (ICAO: MGML) 

Carmelita Airport (IATA: CMM, ICAO: MGCR)

Poptún Airport (IATA: PON, ICAO: MGPP)

Zacapa Airport (ICAO: MGZA)

Rubelsanto Airport (IATA: RUV, ICAO: MGRB) 

Las Vegas Airport (IATA: LCF, ICAO: MGRD) 

Quiché Airport (IATA: AQB, ICAO: MGQC) 

Cobán Airport ( IATA: CBV, ICAO: MGCB)

Chiquimula Airport (IATA: CIQ) 

Coatepeque Airport (IATA: CTF, ICAO: MGCT) 

Huehuetenango Airport (IATA: HUG, ICAO: MGHT) 

Esquipulas Airport (ICAO: MGES)

San José Airport (IATA: GSJ, ICAO: MGSJ)

San Marcos Airport (ICAO: MGSM)

Airlines operating in Guatemala

  • Guatemala Airlines
  • Tag Airlines
  • CM Airlines
  • International Airlines
  • Aeromexico
  • American Airlines
  • Arajet
  • Avianca
  • Cargojet (cargo)
  • Copa Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • DHL (cargo)
  • Iberia
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • UPS (cargo)
  • Volaris

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