Flights to Comayagua Palmerola Airport

Comayagua is a city located in the central region of Honduras with a rich history dating back to the colonial period. Comayagua is accessible by air, with several airlines offering flights from various cities in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Central America.

What is the main airport in Comayagua?

Palmerola International Airport (XPL), also known as Comayagua Aiport, is the new and modern air terminal for Tegucigalpa and the central region of Honduras. It started operations in December 2021 and replaced the old Toncontín Airport operations in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s capital.

Which airlines offer direct flights to Comayagua?

What cities fly direct to Comayagua?

  • United States: Miami (MIA), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Houston (IAH)
  • Honduras: Roatán (RTB)
  • Spain: Madrid (MAD)
  • México: Méxito City (MEX)
  • Guatemala: Guatemala City (GUA)
  • El Salvador: San Salvador (SAL)
  • Panamá: Panama City (PTY)

How long is the flight to Comayagua?

  • From Madrid (MAD): 10h 55m
  • From Houston (IAH): 2h 55m
  • From Miami (MIA): 2h 42m
  • From México City (MEX): 2h 35m
  • From Fort Laudardale (FLL): 2h 34m
  • From Panama City (PTY): 2h
  • From Guatemala City (GUA): 1h
  • From Roatán (RTB): 50m
  • From San Salvador (SAL): 45m